We are a family owned business involved in coconut farming activates for more than 30 years and almost 29 years in poultry farming. One fine evening, a few years back, back we were discussing about expanding our coconut farm and we started debating on which variety would be most suitable for us.

The qualities which dominated the discussion were high yield, high quantity of tender coconut, sweet tender coconut, copra content, but the main point of consideration was that the tree should have an early yield in spite of growing slowly.

What was most important was that we wanted all these qualities in one variety, but to our surprise nothing in the market was available which could fulfill all these requirements. It felt like a dream to whoever we consulted, but we were determined to turn this dream into reality.

umapathy farms

Our Products

Ramaganga Coconut seedling

It is the perfect solution for farmers aspiring to develop a farm in which their coconut trees should deliver high nuts per palm, sweet tender coconuts, high quality copra and high yields of coconut oil.

Umapathy Farm

The main objective of the survey on Land and Livestock is to generate basic quantitative information on the agrarian structure of the country relevant to land policy.

Umapathy Enriched Organic Manure

Different types of fertilizers, such as chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and natural fertilizers are available on the market. The type of fertilizer you use has a large impact on the quality of your product.



Ramaganga not only comes to yield in a short period, the yield per tree is also high. Ramaganga is a wonderful coconut variety.



Compared to other breeds Ramaganga gives higher yield per tree and there is less work involved bunch tying.



In my experience with Ramaganga, i can say that if you take care of Ramaganga properly it will be a great support for your lively hood.



Ramaganga yields around 330 tender coconuts per tree. As the branches in the Ramaganga is so dense, there is no need for bunch tying.



Ramaganga is a high quality planting material suitable for modern coconut farming. Its a high yielding hybrid. Guaranteed performance, guaranteed returns for many many years making the farmer happy and smiling.