We are a family owned business involved in coconut farming activates for more than 30 years and almost 29 years in poultry farming. One fine evening, a few years back, back we were discussing about expanding our coconut farm and we started debating on which variety would be most suitable for us.

The qualities which dominated the discussion were high yield, high quantity of tender coconut, sweet tender coconut, copra content, but the main point of consideration was that the tree should have an early yield in spite of growing slowly.

What was most important was that we wanted all these qualities in one variety, but to our surprise nothing in the market was available which could fulfill all these requirements. It felt like a dream to whoever we consulted, but we were determined to turn this dream into reality. We then sought the advice of OVR. Somasundaram, who is an expert in the coconut field. He guided us and helped us create a variety which was extremely interesting, as this combination was unavailable for the commercial market at that point of time. The idea was to combine gangabandam and west coast tall into a D*T hybrid. This is called RAMGANGA today.